Saturday, March 8, 2014

Welcome to my first try at blogging.

WOW!  My First Page:>)

We live in such a busy world, and so many beautiful and interesting things just plain escape our notice.  Come here to see some of the most common and most lovely bits of our natural world, at least those in Pennsylvania and the nearby states.

If you are made aware of something you never heard of, never saw, never imagined before this blog,  something good happened.

I am not a scientist, don't have a college degree, and am now retired from decades of work as a supervisor of customer service departments in some very large companies.  Work kept me inside the office, inside my car, inside my house for more hours each day than I was outside.  I left home in the dark and came home in the dark.  The only times I could enjoy our beautiful outdoors was on weekends and vacations; how sad is that!

The aim here is to post something interesting at least once a week.  It is my hope that you will find both the pictures and the writing interesting and worth a few minutes of your time.  

Thank you for giving this humble blog a look/see.  As I learn, things will get more duded up.  For now, things will be simple.

This is March 8, 2014, and as wonderful as snow and cold weather can be, it's time for spring:>)  Let's have one last moment of praise for winter's pristine beauty.

White's Mill Preservation Area

 Our Woods

Let's also hope our birds and other critters will find surviving easier with each passing March day.

Blue Jay

Pileated Woodpecker

 Male Dark-eyed Junco

Female Eastern Cardinal

 Wild Turkey

Our Hydrangea Shrubs In Ice
For now, the snow is hanging on.  Tomorrow promises to be warm, maybe Monday as well.  I can't wait to see bare ground!

Have  great week.