Friday, May 2, 2014

Things nature did not make

What Man Has Wrought

Nature will one day claim for her own

There used to be a number of old, abandoned farm houses and barns in our area.  Most are demolished and remain only as memories.  I think they all have an aura of mystery, holding stories within their walls of days gone by.  The laughter of children playing, mothers singing lullabies to sleepy babies, fathers reading to the kids.  Today the walls hear no more laughter, singing, or voices.  They wait.  The windows break.  The paint peels, the roof sags and becomes a home for moss and lichens.  Eventually they collapse into the earth below.  After enough years are past, you'll never even know they were there.

These pictures are of buildings that existed (and in a rare few cases, still exist) in our area.  Enjoy the mystery:>)


This house was torn down just two months ago.  Nature was using it for her own purposes, and I guess it became an insurance liability for the owners.  It was about a quarter of a mile into the woods.

This old farmhouse stood off of Upper Ridge Road on Boy Scout Camp property.  It still sported the blue buttermilk paint that was so popular many years ago.  To strip buttermilk paint off anything you practically need dynamite!  This house was demolished last year.
I'm not certain what this building was meant to be.  It, too, is only a memory now.
Although dilapidated, this farm still functions.  Note the black birds in the treetop:>)

This is a beautifully kept, functioning farm.  It sits in the middle of large fields with a backdrop of hills and autumn foliage.
A late afternoon storm approaches a farmstead.
This old bank barn in Tylersport is rapidly falling into ruin.  The land surrounding it is now being built up as a housing development, so I imagine this barn will soon disappear.
Another old barn, still in use, in the Telford area.  Lovely in Springtime with the blooming fruit trees.
This old wall survives in a wooded area with no noticeable buildings or foundations nearby.  Perhaps it was part of a bank barn.
This old mill is located on the Unami Creek - again, note the blue buttermilk paint on the woodwork.
A repaired and used old barn with the Mail Pouch Tobacco advertising.  How do you like the old vehicles basking in the sunshine?
Here's an old hay rake that sits, abandoned, in a field.
An old tractor that sits near the road on the way to Birdsboro.
Was it for water? I don't know but it is an amazing structure!
This fence board looks like a whale (to me).

This fence isn't good for much of anything except, maybe, to photograph or tie your dog to while you stretch.

Hawkweed in front of a split rail fence
Gravestones in St. Paul's Church cemetery

Old church near Birdsboro
Railroad Station in Quakertown
Steps leading up to the cabin of an old train engine
Freight trains do still run but the station is long since closed since passenger service was halted.
This, and the pictures below, are all bridges in the general area of Green Lane.

There are numerous creeks and streams and feeder streams in our region.  Anywhere you go you are going over water at some point, usually many points.  We are so fortunate to have these beautiful waters!

This was created by both man and nature - the remains of a barbed wire fence are overgrown by the tree supporting it.

Hope you had some fun!  Have a wonderful weekend and we'll meet again next Friday:>)