Friday, October 16, 2015


A Beautiful (and innocent) Wildflower


I'm fighting the good fight to clear Goldenrod's name and place the blame where it belongs - on the Ragweed!


Blue-stemmed Goldenrod - This species of Goldenrod has gracefully arching stems with flowers along the length


Sorry that this is so hard to see - Ragweed can grow tall and straight or, when heavy with flowers, is can lean over and look very different. The leaves on the lower part of the plant are unlike the leaves toward the top of the flower stem.  The upper leaves look very much like those of Goldenrod,  The flowers are similar to the Goldenrod flowers, too, but not so much so that you won't be able to see the difference.


It's time to set the record straight and allow you all to love the Goldenrod.  I've been thinking about doing a post on Goldenrod and Ragweed because of the confusion about what causes Hay Fever.  It is Ragweed that is the villain.


Giant Goldenrod stands upright and can get to be seven feet tall.  That is 2.1336 meters (thank you, Google)

Ragweed can be either upright or leaning over and it grows to three feet tall (about 1 meter)


Goldenrod is blamed for the suffering many people go through in Fall.  Goldenrod blooms at the same time as Ragweed (late summer into fall), and it is bright, golden yellow and "in our face" noticeable.   Ragweed sits there, quietly distributing it's pollen into the wind, unobtrusive plant that it is, you don't even know it's there.


Giant Goldenrod in a field.

Ragweed in our yard.  At the bottom of the picture, in the middle, is a light green bunch of leaves - these are the lower leaves of Ragweed.  The flowers are mostly ding and look white.



Goldenrod is pollinated by insects and releases very little pollen into the air and into your eyes and nose.  Ragweed is pollinated by releasing pollen grains into the wind and right up your nose.

Giant Goldenrod along the road - they do love sun.

Ragweed in our yard.  Partial shade doesn't seem to bother it.  Look in the upper right corner of th eimage and you'll see an inset of the Ragweed lower leaves.

Goldenrod has many species, all beautiful.  The genus is Solidago and it grows EVERYWHERE!  Each species has a preferred habitat.  You'll find it at the seashore, in desert situations, in fields, marshes, waste places.  It is always a lovely plant and it does not give you Hay Fever.  True, there may be a very few folks who will react to Goldenrod but they are rare.  Here are a couple links for more information on Goldenrod.


 Distribution and miscellaneous info:

             and this is a lovely write up on Goldenrod:


Giant Goldenrod in a field.

Leaves of Ragweed


Giant Goldenrod


Thank you for your visit :>)  I hope you are now able to tell the difference from the bad guy, Ragweed, from the good guy, Goldenrod.  Remember - it's fine to enjoy the Goldenrod.  It doesn't give you allergies!

Giant Goldenrod

 Have a great weekend.  See you again soon.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015



Maple Leaf

One of the wonderful things about living in the woods is watching the seasons turn.  Each arrives and I say, "Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer (take your pick) is my favorite!"  It's always true; the current season is sheer delight.  Getting older means that winter is a bit more problematic logistically - getting and keeping a stock of firewood, driving on snow and ice - but it brings it's pleasures, too, so we enjoy it.  

The beginning of color.

Autumn is a truly splendid time in Green Lane.  No logistical issues, no excessive heat or cold, the birds begin to migrate through, bugs go to bed and so do the plants.  Trees will get dressed in their best colors and dance in the wind.  The air is crisp, and the water in the ponds and lakes reflect the clouds and foliage.  I'm going to spend tomorrow photographing foliage because today we are seeing more color.  Last week there was just the softest kiss of fall.

Last week everything was more green than filled with color.  I'm going to load you up with Autumn photos from last year and this year both so color creeps into the mix.  Enjoy your tour:>)

These first few are farm-related and show the harvest side of Autumn - always a lovely sight to see.

Display at Ott's Exotic Plants in Schwenksville, PA

Fields of cut corn off Krausdale Road in East Greenville, PA

Corn Stalks cut and tied for sale as decorations - Ott's Exotic Plants and Greenhouse, Schwenksville
Harvest display at Landis' Supermarket in Telford, PA

When the original Mr, Landis created Landis Market, he delivered groceries and necessities to customers in this wagon.

The creeks and streams are gorgeous with the reflections of trees, sky, foliage, and clouds.  It's a soothing time when the landscape is so beautiful and yet serene.  Everything is getting ready for a long winter's sleep. 

Deep Creek, Green Lane, PA

Unami Creek, Sumneytown, PA

Great Egret in Autumn Marsh, Bombay Hook Preserve, Delaware

Unami Creek in Green Lane, PA

Perkiomen Creek, Perkiomenville, PA

Unami Creek in Green Lane, PA

Unami Creek in Green Lane, PA

Unami Creek in Green Lane, PA

Unami Creek in Green Lane, PA

Unami Creek in Green Lane, PA

Unami Creek in Green Lane, PA

Unami Creek in Green Lane, PA

Unami Creek in Green Lane, PA

The woods are beautiful, too, and a delight to wander through.  Every tree and bush has a  different color to it.  These pictures don't do them justice but they will give you an idea.



Ferns and Smartweed

Virginia Creeper Vine and Berries

Maple-leaf Viburnum

Virginia Creeper Vine and Berries

Here are a few images of the forest floor denizens.  I'm not doing a lot of these as they will also be in later posts with different themes.  They are a fun part of Autumn, though:>)

Red Raspberry Slime Mold - Now these are interesting things and you'll hear more about them in a later post.
Bracket Fungi
Ivy, Spider Web, Raindrops, and Fallen Leaves - Vinca, too :>)
Lichen on Rock

White's Mill Open Space Preserve has a lovely pond that is always offering photo ops.  

White's Mill, Tylersport, PA

Beavers must keep chewing to keep their teeth ground down.  This is an example of beaver damage at Skymount Open Space, Green Lane, PA

There are many more pictures I had lined up - I guess they'll wait for next post.  Autumn does last for a couple more months, after all :>)  Thank you ever so much for coming by to read my little blog.  There will never be ads - I hate ads!  I do hope you've enjoyed your stay.