Monday, March 10, 2014

Learning To Navigate This New Blog

Learning To Navigate This New Blog

Although I'm planning, long term, to post once a week, the learning curve for blogging is a challenge for me so you may have more posts than that in the beginning.  I'm hoping the practice is still interesting and appealing for readers.

Here are a few images from summer, fall, and a few days ago (winter).

This young Whitetail Deer was born in the spring of 2013.  The snow is proving difficult for the critters, but the deer are willing to eat such bad-tasting stuff as English Ivy to stay nourished.

This Clearwing Hawk Moth is a daytime flier and feeder.  You'll see them hovering around flowers, sipping nectar.  They like to eat with their two front feet lightly touch.  People call them "Hummingbird Moths" because of the way they fly and hover.  This picture was taken early in the morning and I think the moth was sleeping.  Normally you won't find them sitting still!

Daylilies were introduced into North America, but they've established themselves just about everywhere and now grace and brighten our roadsides and meadows with their beautiful orange blossoms.  They are survivors!  Many hybrids now exist so gardeners can find almost any size, shape, or color of blossom for their gardens.  I still love the originals.

The Euonymous bush is a lovely, native wild plant in our area.  It can also be know as the "Spindle" tree. Autumn sees the leaves turn this awesome red color - so bright you'd pick it out immediately.  The berries are bright red and serve as food for wildlife, especially birds.

Autumn also brings on the gorgeous foliage of Mapleleaf Viburnum shrubs.  The berries are a deep blue and they also serve as food for wildlife.  This is a wild shrub that loves the edges of the hardwood forest.

Thank you for your visit.  Have a great week!