Sunday, August 14, 2016


The Journey Continues

and We've Come a Thousand Miles


For those of you who read the story of our two feral boys and how they came to be with us, I thought I'd do an update, just a quick one.  


The blog tends to do it's own thing sometimes, and I can't make it behave.  Just so no one gets confused with the order of the pictures, BobCat is the orange and white boy while Spot is the grey ghost:>)


Spot came to us as a kitten.  He was scared, lonely for his feline family, and a real handful.  Now he's a strong-willed, affectionate, and intelligent companion somewhere around 2-1/4 years old.  He and BobCat (once called Max) are friends and spend a good bit of time galumphing around together, although Spot is an adventurer and will go seeking excitement in the woods.  

BobCat sometimes accompanies Spot, but he is the homebody of the pair.  The hydrangea bushes are a favorite place for him to lay and feel the breezes caress his fur.  That fur is LONG, and I comb it every day (sometimes twice) so we avoid the nasty mats that form without continual attention.  BobCat adores being combed and all I need to do is go outside and sit on the bench with the cat comb and here comes BobCat, trotting as fast as his sturdy but stubby legs can carry him :>).


















Funny how arbitrary life can be.  Spot, with his short fur, will devour the stuff I give for hairball relief.  We don't worry about Spot.  His fur is silky and he doesn't shed much, so he's not needing this goo.  If I leave the tube within reach, however, he'll tear into it and eat all he can.



BobCat, on the other hand, really needs to be treated so he isn't coughing and hacking because of fur.  He HATES the goo.  I need to put it on his paw to get him to lick it off, but he's rapidly gotten wise to my tricks and moves his feet just when I get close.  Although some always sticks, his fur seems to repel the paste and a lot ends up on the floor.  This is Spot's cue to get his share and he gobbles it up.



Beautiful Bob, now about 4-1/4 years old or so,  finally decided he wants to be in the house to eat and to sleep at night.  This was an enormous relief to us, and we welcome him in whenever he wishes.  He also now is comfortable with my husband petting him and even giving him a combing.  This is  very long way for Bob to travel from a shadow in the bushes, grabbing pieces of compost for meals and hiding from us, to a kitty who sleeps on the living room "cat" chair.


To sum them up - Spot is independent and BobCat is adoring:>)


The kitties are thriving and we are loving every minute with them!