Friday, April 4, 2014

Loving Leaves


Some studies of leaves

Here are some pictures focusing on leaves and their beautiful shapes and colors.

Each plant is unique and each change of season brings a change in the appearance of their leaves.  This set of images is a mix of "straight from the camera" and some that are "enhanced".  Look at the difference in shapes; check out the gorgeous colors.  Leaves are AWESOME!

I love them, and I have a few to show you.  There will be another posting of leaves later on in the year.  These are strictly for viewing enjoyment - I'll stick a name on them, and a couple will be pretty general regarding the identification.

These were tone-mapped.  Perhaps birch???

Wild Grass

Dogwood Autumn Leaves - Tone-Mapped

Butterfly bush in January Ice

Maybe a Beech Tree.

Oak Tree in Autumn

Perhaps Beech as these trees hold on to their leaves all winter.

Baby Tree In Spring - I think it's a Tulip Poplar

Lilypads in Autumn

Bull Briar (Cat Briar) in Summer Rain

Late Summer Pine Tree - Yes, Pine needles are leaves

Horsetail aka Scouring Rush - Early Summer

Grape Fern - Late Spring 

Garden Ferns - Summer

Moss and Centipede (look closely)

Lilypads in Spring

Lamb's Ear, Pilgrim's Flannel in Summer Rain

Rushes and Lilypads in Summer

Skunk Cabbage in April

These are a couple of pictures that include leaves but are not specifically about leaves.

Early Morning Sun - Green Lane, Pennsylvania

Papyrus at Ott's Greenhouse in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania

I hope this was fun.  As always, thank you for making time to visit!